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1. Always start with a decent picture, preferably not using your cellphone. The higher the quality, the higher the likely someone will actually click on your video. Make sure you have bright fonts and funky text. Boarders add a color boost but are not necessary. Logos make things look more professional. Your thumbnail is the hook to your viewers. No one is going to click on an poorly made thumbnail. The more appealing you make the thumbnail, the higher the reward ...aka views/subscribers.

2. Make your content relevant to your viewers. Who is your audience? Are you getting your message across? What is your theme or angle? Try to categorize yourself. That does not mean lose every ounce of creativity in your very soul, it just means to know what you're talking about and to who you want to reach.

3. Traveling videos can be fun but you have to make them look appealing...because let's be honest....Ohio and West Virginia aren't exactly a tourist's dream location. Focus on the stories and not so much the scenery. A good story teller can sell any location.

4. BE REALISTIC. They didn't come up with the Freshman 15 because it sounded cool. There are statistics and factual information that support it and it's very socially recognizable when connected to college. Don't act like you didn't indulge in the abundance of ice cream, pizza, and french fries... Come on, we all do it.

5. Bring on guests and pair it with a challenge. Trends on YouTube live off these kind of collaborations. They're fun, entertaining, and down right hilarious. Who cares if you don't know who they are... I just want to see them get pied in the face ONE MORE TIME!

6. Make fun of yourself. No one likes the kid that can't point out his or her own flaws. Poke some fun, acknowledge some faults, and your viewers will respect you for it. Did I realize I bought a pot leaf smoking palm tree poster...No. But did it make a great story when someone pointed it out? Absolutely.

7. Social media is your best friend, your BFFL. Use it to your advantage and don't be afraid to talk about it. It's an every day thing and people can view it as almost monotonous because it's so typical. You'd be amazed what you can find online.

8. Bloopers can mean two things. One, you need a break from posting videos because it truly is a time commitment. Two, There are so many clips you want to share but a video that goes too long is not worth the attention that you want your viewers to give you. So keep all of those extra clips and push them to the side because they will become very valuable when your life gets suddenly busy or you're just itching to show someone.

9. Talk about yourself. People are watching because they want to know about YOU. Share personal information. Show your personality. There is no one else on the internet who is anywhere remotely like you so show off what you got and don't become the next YouTube clone.

Asking for number 10? Well... I guess you'll just have to check out my 10th video when it's posted. Link to my channel is here:

I'd like to point out that similar to YouTube, the cards on here need to look great too otherwise I probably won't click on it, thanks for the other advice @cullenquigley I may start my own channel on there to discuss quilting.
Nice tips!