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.Like all other places, the telecommunication device is very important in Seoul you are able to use the telecommunication methods, your experience could be enhanced while you are traveling in Seoul. And, of course, it is very convenience as well.
Let’s see what would be available for you.
There are two major telecommunication devices available;There are ‘Pre-paid Sim card’ and ‘Pocket Wi-Fi device (called EGG in Korea)
Then, how can you get these?
Fortunately, you can get both of these at the Incheon International Airport.
1. Prepaid Sim card.
The ‘Pre-paid Sim card’ is the most useful and convenient telecommunication method. By using this, you can use the data and make a phone call while you are traveling in Korea.
Especially, when you face the emergency situation, you may need this to resolve the problem.
One bad thing is while you are using the ‘Pre-paid Sim Card’, it is not easy to communicate with your family or friend in your home country.
If you want to get more information, please check the following
2. Pocket wi-fi
With this small device, you can access the network anywhere and anytime with your tablet pc or cell phone.Unfortunately, the rental is a little bit costly.
If you want to get more information, please check the following
If you ask me which one is better for you, I would recommend to use the ‘Pre-paid Sim Card’. But ang decision is yours!!
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I agree, the sim card is more convenient. Rented one during my visit last December. Used the data for net surfing and communicating with my family thru viber.Also, I was really thankful as I used it for calling the place where I stayed haha I kind of droppped of the wrong bus station on my first day there. The internet also was very fast I assure you :)