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The MLS announced very big news on Thursday that current NASL side Minnesota United will join the MLS as an expansion team for the 2018 season. The club which was founded just 5 years ago in 2010 are set to become the MLS’s 23rd club by that time with a team from Atlanta and the to be re-formed Los Angeles FC to be the 21st and 22nd.

Minnesota now is to set out plans for a new stadium in the area by the 1st of July. Commissioner Don Garber has stated that the expansion is not related to David Beckham’s plans to build a team in Miami, despite the fact that city authorities have yet to grant the permission of a new stadium to be built. Garber also said the club could debut in MLS a year early in 2017 if plans go quicker than expected to.
On future expansion, Don Garber did say he was open to the MLS expanding beyond 24 teams, with cities like San Antonio heavily interested in making the jump from NASL to MLS as well.

@Spudsy2061 I feel they're a mirror or Minnesota.
@CitySarajevo If they grow a little more they'd easily deserve it.
San Antonio?
@GermanBumbleBee Surprised they haven't been awarded it already to be honest.
@CitySarajevo San Antiono's probably itching for one now.
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