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Thursday also brought the news that Nou Camp will host the Copa del Rey Final between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. Usually the venue decided on is a neutral venue, but Barcelona was chosen as the host by the Spanish Football Federation after Real Madrid rejected to host the cup final.

Barcelona are going for their 27th Copa del Rey title while Bilbao are right behind them on the list of all time wins with 23.
The final is currently planned for the 30th of May.

Just for the money. Disappointing.
@CitySarajevo What you mean for the home fans or television?
@GermanBumbleBee The home fans, just to sell more tickets.
@CitySarajevo Always about the money. Sport revolves around it.
I agree with @CitySarajevo but obviously this was going to happen once Real declined hosting it. Shame. Spain could use their own Wembley.