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The Excuses: "I just don't want to work out" If your basic problem is that you just don't want to/don't see the need to exercise, you need a major wakeup call. We all need to work out regularly if we want to live longer, better-quality lives. While this may sound harsha shock to your system can be just what you need to get motivated. from seeing an older family member struggle with his health, to getting fed up with being out of breath after a flight of stairs. "I suck at sports" Research shows that we are much more motivated, resourceful, and resilient in an area of strength than in an area of weakness. Like taking charge? Lead a morning group run in your neighborhood. Does kindness drive you? Train for a cause, or buddy up with someone else who also needs motivation. "I'm too tired/hungry to work out" This one has some genuine validity. After all, Your brain cannot be starving and have an effective workout. That state of mind dictates everything about physical performance.That's why proper nutrition and getting enough sleep is so important.So yes, sometimes you may have to skip a workout . But don't use lack of sleep as a consistent excuse. keep in mind that exercising during the day can actually help you sleep at night. So even if you don't feel like jogging 10 miles, do a small amount of exercise, get a better night's sleepand be ready to tackle more tomorrow. "I'm so frustrated with my progress" Frustration is totally normal when you're working toward a fitness goal. We need to realize that frustration is reaction to hurt or fear. So ask yourself what you're afraid of,'All the work I'm doing is not going to pay off' or 'I'm not going to get where I want to be,'" When you do get in that zone, it's a good idea to stop, take a deep breath, and have a conversation with yourself. Remember that you're doing something great for you.
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yikes. i have all those excuses. AND MORE! kekeke
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