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Coco Chanel, the women who shook the world of fashion in the early 1900s by replacing the corset with comfort and casual elegance wasn't afraid to make a statement. In addition to fashion she also brought a breath of fresh air to makeup. Thus, when it comes to unmatchable beauty Chanel is one brand that turn heads.
In 2003, Chanel's fall and winter collection featured figure fitting tweed suits, embroidered pieces and gold liquid-satin dresses. The makeup at that time was suitably lavish with highlighted cheekbones, silver eye glitter, and subtle sheer lips. This timeless look become prominent by the 1930s.
In 2004, Chanel played with the 60s chic theme and the 'girl next door' look with the spring/summer collection. The use of turquoise and teal shows and blue mascara depict the fun and youthful vibe.
2009, the year monochrome hit the runway. Chanel models sported a dramatic, embellished lower lash line with a standard upper-lid shadow. A look that complimented the evening wear collection.
In 2010, it's all about back to basics but this didn't stop Creative Director Peter Phillips to choose an unconventional smokey eye to set apart from 'being basic'.
In 2012, to compliment the moody hues and loose-layered fitting collection, Chanel models bring plenty of drama to the runway with a pair of sequin-heavy brows.
The 2015 Chanel Couture moves away from their usual dark and dramatic tone. In the past, it's all about the eyes but this time it was kept under wraps with veils. Instead, the focus on the lips with an emphasize of glossy red. The combination gave a gothic yet feminine look.
Which year was your favorite Chanel look?
Chanel always does great work on the runway and for their campaigns
I love that third look. I've got a thing for monochromes with a twist.
Doesn't hurt that Karl Lagerfeld is the guiding force behind the brand. Oh, and a lipstick runs for $56.
@marshalledgar Agreed. Which is why they remain as one of the top brands in the industry.