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"Getting late for a meeting, need to run," he said, as he slung his coat over the shoulder, and bounded out of the house.As he drove away, she came running down the stairs two at a time. 'Wait, wait', she said, but he had already left. Her mouth crumpled like used wrapping paper. 'He forgot to give me a goodbye kiss', she whispered in a voice that trembled under the weight of her hurt.
She called him, 'you left without giving me a kiss', she said accusingly. 'I am sorry sweetheart', he said, his voice contrite. 'It is okay', she said, trying to be all grown up as she cut the call.She gulped down her breakfast morosely, wore her shoes, picked up her school bag and started to walk out of the door, her shoulders slumped.
As she climbed down the steps, the car glided to a stop outside the house. He got out of the car. She ran to him, her whole face lit up like a Christmas tree.'I am sorry I forgot', he said, as he picked her up and hugged her. She said nothing. Her jaw ached from smiling.

Fifteen years later, no one would remember he was late for a meeting, but a
little girl would never ever forget that her father drove all the way back home just to kiss her goodbye!

The story was written by Madhu Parakh on Quora. The question was posed, "What are some good short stories?" by a user on the popular Q & A site. Not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I did and read it--and loved it! Hope you like it too. One of my favorite lines from the story is Her mouth crumpled like used wrapping paper.
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The line you pointed out was one that stuck out to me as well; how can a mouth crumble like wrapping paper? Certainly interesting!
PREACH! @redridergirl.
I love this story! I feel life is too short to waste and not love your special ones and enjoy as much quality time together as possible. My parents are long gone, my aunts and uncles. My family are now my friends. Memories are all we are left with in the end. No job, working hour after hour can be worth the quality time we can spend with our families and friends. We can't take our jobs or money to heaven but we can live all our lives with the memories and love we felt.
This story just made me so happy. I totally got the image in my head of this contorted mouth of frustration and disappointment. :)