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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I lasted posted. After putting the garden to bed for winter I also went on hiatus, but it's good to be back! There is a lot to do for Spring and one of the thing I'm excited about is planting and harvesting Spring produce. I created a list of garden greens that are in season right now. If you purchase your grocery from the farmer's market look for these veggies. Also, if you plan to grow any of these in your backyard go with the spring onions!


An excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, and magnesium which are vital for liver support and blood circulation. This flavorful vegetable taste great grilled or mixed into a spread.
Recipes to try:


I always think of this as the fungus that's good for the immune system. It has an excellent source of selenium (good for bladder). In addition, it's high in iron, antioxidant and vitamin (B2, B3, & D).
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Green Beans

This crunchy green is rich in fibre, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate which are great for overall cardiovascular health immunity system. This vegetable taste delicious steamed, boil, or stir fry.
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Spring Onions

Don't underestimate this little veggie. A couple of slices can spruce up your main dish. In addition, it helps reduce nasal congestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Good for when you have a cold.
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In the past, arugula was used to heal wounds (externally and internally). When consumed, it's an immune system booster. This herby green is perfect for salads or as a condiment on top of soups.
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New Potatoes

A classic comfort food. Also one of the best energy producing veggie. It's rich in vitamin C, B6 copper & manganese.
Recipes to try:
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A low calorie green making it a diet-friendly choice. It's also high in vitamin C and A! This veggie is one my favorite when it comes to stir fry and grilled food.
Recipes to try:
These are some of my favorite vegetables. All you need is to throw in asparagus and Brussels sprouts and you've pretty much got them all!
Among all the veggies, zucchini is my favorite. You can pretty much grill it, use it in soup or in pasta.
I still don't like the taste of raw spring onions but I don't mind having them in soups