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Traveling to The Windy City can show you more about life than you could ever realize. *Cue picture as I stare intensely into the distance strictly to pose for a good Instagram picture opp.*
But really, I mean, look at that skyline. I know, people in other major cities are rolling their eyes. But there's just something so beautiful about the Willis Tower soaring above.
Take in the lights. There's nothing that is happier than soaking up the artificial neon lights that spell out Chicago. The rustle and bustle, the screaming of pissed off taxi drivers, and the undeniably smell of sewage...more like HEAVEN. lol kidding. But really, Chicago has so much to see and do. It's like an endless adventure with a Starbucks on every corner.
What is Chicago with out its extremely over-visited tourist traps like the bean. I obviously never visited Chicago until I took a picture with the Bean. I had to go to the top of the Willis Tower to take a picture on the Sky Deck. I had to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I needed to go to the Water Tower just to say I walked into the American Girl Store. Oh, Navy Pier? Duh I went there. Give me a minute and I'll give you a tour through every museum and aquarium...I made sure I read every sign after paying $30 for entrance. And Wrigley Field still has my heart.
What's the point of being young if you don't strive to be fun and spontaneous? Take funny pictures. Be goofy. Have a good time. Who wants to look back at their photos and be like, "Woah I was so boring." NO ONE. I'm here to enjoy life and I'm going to take every precaution to leave my pride at the door.
And at the very end of it all...All I can say is, "Thank you again, Chicago." Even if there were two hobos having a fist fight directly behind me as I took this photo. I'm over it.
I love Chicago! I was only there for four days, and I wish I could have been there more. There's so many museums I wish I could have checked out. Did you visit any?
Great card @cullenquigley Chicago is a great place. Did you get to go to the Hancock Tower? It's got amazing views similar to Willis Tower except the view is of skyscrapers instead of railroad tracks. lol Also, getting into Hancock won't cost more than a beverage if you go to the lounge on the 66th floor (i think). Fantastic!