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Pearls and weddings just go together. The satin nacre of a pearl evokes the romance and luxury of satin. Add some crystals for some dazzle and you have a terrific showpiece that can be just as ornamental if replacing a veil.
The Pearl "Ira" is a lobster clasp 21" pearl and crystal rhinestone necklace from The photo is from their Instagram account. Only $28.00.
Two styles of pearl earrings that can be worn on either side of pierced ears. Hearts can be featured out with the pearls behind or reversed to show the pearl out front and the hears behind.
Go Silver-Pearl for $16 or Pearl-Heart for $18.00 These are also from
For just $30 you can rent this Ben-Amun Pearl Lines bracelet from What style of jewelry are you thinking about to either replace the veil with or to enhance the bridal look? Comment on what you are doing below.
Bracelet is really nice.
WOW! I wasn't expecting all of these to be so affordable.
You just reminded me, @beywatch, I had forgotten to put the price for the necklace. It's only $28. I am a fan of @NixonWoman 's million-dollar vintage rings that she shares. But @noonmarez brought up a point too that many brides just don't have that kind of money. That's why I like to share accessories from places like RentTheRunway and LoveStylize, among others. Do you have any suggestions where brides can get accessories like these from other places?
Pearl is a classy jewelry choice for any occasion. Super like!
I'd wear this.
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