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OK, I will start at the beginning. Last Wednesday I had to travel from New York to Santiago, Chile, which I'm sure most of people know is quite the long fight (10- 11 hours). As I was walking at the airport I started looking at people's style, a thing I always do, but this time I was so at awe of what women wear to the airport! Why, why on earth would you wear 5 inch heels, an extremely tight, very uncomfortable looking dress and have a carry on as big as your own body??? I'm terribly sorry if this is you when you travel, but unless you have to land and go directly to a very important event (really doubt that), this is just plain stupid. Travel attire used to be jeans, a comfy shirt and a warm sweater, so of course I can't help but think... why? Have we gotten more stupid over time? More shallow? Is all of this Victoria Beckham's fault for looking impossibly perfect all the time? Yes, for sure we see almost every celebrity looking like this when they board a plane, and while I'm not saying this is a better choice for them, you have to remember they fly first class and probably with an assistant to rub their feet all the way to wherever they're going! On top of this, there is a safety issue at hand here. In case of an emergency, how can you run or swim for that matter in clothes like this? You can't! Bottom line is I do not understand this trend, never will and never ever will support it. Travel comfortable, take a shower at your destination (wherever that may be) and then change to your dressy clothes. OK???