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Long gone are the days of nude base and white french tip. It's time to Spring forward with a new style of bold tip using glitter. Fuel your nail inspiration with these designs.
A simple look with a bit of wow factor. Take a stab at this style with a dark colour polish (like magenta) and layering a bold glitter french tip.
Sticking with one shade and making a statement is possible. For special events, find a glitter that is two shades darker than your base colour for a glamour elegant look.
This nail design is fancy but not too dramatic for professional setting. Use a nude or sheer colour as base. Paint on a black french tip and overlay the tip with a line of silver glitter.
A sophisticated choice for weddings and proms. Coat your nails with a blush pink (pastel or muted color). Paint on a white french tip and layer on silver glitter to create a three-tier style.
This Is Pure Pretty 馃挏馃挏
That first one is great. I agree with @marshalledgar. That's totally a birthday week manicure for me.
beautiful, I am going to get the third design
The last one is perfect partially because it compliments everything in my closet.
WOW! Happy Birthday @beywatch. What else are you doing besides the new manicure?
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