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It is very exciting, as the launch date of astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Tyurin inches closer and closer. These men are scheduled for launch at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, on the 27th of March, from 2.40pm ET (6.40pm GMT), with take-off scheduled for 3.42pm! You can actually live stream this launch as well! Both of these brave astronauts will spend an entire year on the ISS, hoping to contribute to furthering the understanding of how the human body is affected in zero-g environments, and what us humans can do to relieve the problems we may face, especially if we are considering long term space journeys for future exploration. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to check out this video!
@drwhat Thanks! I thought the same thing, but my dad told me it is actually quite easy to make the choice. He never had to, luckily, but anyway, there is a computer screen showing these green brackets on the sides of the rocket. If the rocket was a little off course, they would turn yellow, and at that point you get ready. If it is no kidding out of bounds, it poses a threat to civilians, and turns red. That's when it blows up. ;)
@Galacticoddysey Ah, cool! What an awesome job. That must be hard to know exactly how to make sure to make the right choice there. Wow.
@drwhat You got it! The launch did happen successfully, but I forgot to watch it live. :/ Haha my dad use to live in Florida and he could see rockets launch throughout the day. He actually monitored many launches and made sure that the rocket didn't veer off course, and if it did, he'd have to self-destruct it!
Did the launch happen successfully? I'm just seeing this now!