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Going on a spring-cation? Steal these airport fashion style from Hollywood's hottest celebs.

Victoria Beckham

From Spice Girl to a notable fashion designer, she always loves wearing pieces that are form-fitted. When it comes to airport fashion going monochrome (especially black) is her signature look.
Her styling trick:
- The basic work wear pieces (blazer, tank, shirts, and dress pants)
- Solid jumpers or dress.
- A pair of walkable pumps.
- When in doubt wear black.

Miranda Kerr

Ex-Victoria Secret Angel and Wife of Orlando Bloom never fails to look polish and stylish out on a trip. This is a live example of bringing the runway to the airport .
Her styling trick:
- A fitted cardigan and coat over simple pieces.
- Scarf as a fashion statement
- Yes, for a relaxed t-shirt and tuck in to a pair of flattering jeans.
- Don't forget about the shades.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Another Victoria Secret Angel rocking an effortless off-the-duty look at the airport. She tend to go for chic pieces that accentuate her long, slim legs.
Her styling trick:
- Play with proportion (e.g. oversize cardi and skinnies).
- Tops and blazers that hits the waist.
- An oversized bag is a must.

Taylor Swift

Country pop singer who took over the world apparently loves wearing casual earth tone pieces when she's out for a trip.
Her styling trick:
- A pair of classic shoe (oxford, moccasin, flats).
- A cute dress that hits right above the knee.
- Casual oxford shirts.
I love this, especially since my personal style definitely lives by the airport fashion ethos - stylish and comfortable. I have a cheetah print cardigan too, and I can't tell you how many times I've thrown an outfit like Miranda's together for when I need to go out in a rush!
@beywatch simple at its best. I love airport fashions.
Victoria Beckham's attire always look sleek and pro. She would fit right in the T.V. series Law & Order.
Taylor's second style is very vintage!
Denim is so tricky. Not for the airport. I like to be comfortable but I can't imagine tromping through the terminal in sneakers. I'm with Beckham. Stuart Weitzman all the way.