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I don't like Beyonce. There I said it. I know that she is the queen bee these days, but I dislike her style, her music videos, etc. So when I heard that Serena Williams made her own version of Beyonce's 7/11, I had to see it (I admire Serena Williams, who might be the best tennis player in world. Male or female.).
I watched it. I watched the original video. I liked this one so much better, but maybe I'm biased. But come on, the final scene of this is hilarious lol Am I wrong to say Serena made a better video?
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Probably. The original '7/11' is kind of overrated. Plus the song is HORRIBLEEEE. I don't mind Beyonce, and I like a lot of her songs, but it's weird how she can put out a song that sounds like it was made in a couple minutes, and everyone is losing their cool over it.
if I was the guy that caught Serena I don't think I could have let her go