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A while back I wrote a card on three hair brushes you'll ever need and many people asked hairbrush suggestion for hair type. So, here you go! Below is a hairbrush guide/cheatsheet for different texture and style needs. Clip this, print it out and hang it on your wall!
These are the hairbrush you'll need for a specific blowout style or effect.
Swipe through the images to learn more!
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I only own one brush at home - the natural bristle brush. I use it for everything.
only thing I use is a wide toothed comb. anything else is a waste of money. I can style hair without anything else lol.
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Just a random question. Is there an easy way to clean hairs stuck in a brush?
@iluvdurian31 Use rattail comb to get those pesky strands out. Refer to this card here -->