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One of my must-have beauty tool is eyelash curler. I was born with super thin and straight lashes, so I'll do anything to make them gorgeously curled. It has become a vital part of my makeup process. Even if I don't leave the house with an eyeliner I need to have curled eyelashes. Recently, I discovered a way to effectively have longer-lasting and noticeably curlier lashes. If you're wondering the secret is...read on.

Here's the secret: Blowdryer

Yes, this hair styling tool is your eyelash's new best friend.

How to use a blowdryer for super curled lashes?

1. Set your blowdryer to low intensity, high heat.
2. Place the nozzle of the blow dryer about 2 inches away from the eyelash curler.
3. Blow hot air onto the top part of the curler (not the handle) for about 5-7 seconds.
4. Test it on your skin to make sure it's not too hot (you don't want to fry your lashes)
5. Start curling!
Swipe the image to see the difference!
Tip: This works for false lashes too!
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WOW. That really IS a difference.
3 years ago·Reply
That's why I'm sharing this crazy tip with everyone!
3 years ago·Reply
Tried it this morning. Maybe I'm bad at curling my lashes. I can't seem to make them curl! help!
3 years ago·Reply
That's a dramatic difference! I heard it also works with a metal spoon.
3 years ago·Reply