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It appears the funniest "Debbie Downer" SNL skit has been removed from all media channels. WTF?!
Impossible, right? Well, Philip and I searched for almost two hours with nary a scant of luck! Ranked as number 99 (out of 100) of Turning Point Moments In American Television, the debut skit was an instant hit for several reasons:
1. Rachel Dratch, who portrays Debbie Downer, created the role in less than a day
2. The cast was not prepared for the last-minute addition of the trombone 'womp-womp-wommmmmp,' which immediately derailed the skit.
3. Breaking character consumed the team from beginning to the end.
4. Previous to this, no other SNL skit had fallen apart so awesomely and with such enormous audience favor.
5. As performance, it's one of the most engaging pieces of comedy that actually requires the actors to laugh and break character.
* If you or anyone you know has the true unedited 6-minute copy of this skit, PLEASE SHOW ME!
** I am so sorry that YouTube pulled this. Not sure if it was NBC or the Walt Disney Company (or something else) that led to the video removal.
@darcysdiary if it's any consolation, that's still my favorite Debbie Downer! I thought it was funny that they were at Disneyland and there she was bringing up euthanized puppies.
SORRY @beywatch @marshalledgar (and all of vingle) Turns out that the clip was removed from all media. Philip is not amused. I just made him stop what he was doing to locate it. It just vanished. FML
LOL This is my favorite Debbie Downer too. I can't see the video though. It says it's blocked in my country. :(
Not sure @marshalledgar I love the skit because they lose their minds. They can't keep it together. @beywatch the puppies didn't get me. What got me the most was when Downer declares, "Well, it's official" and she has to pause from busting out into hysterics.
I'm so confused. lol how did this happen?
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