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What do you think of fashion? The game of dress-up or the game of power? Historically people dress in certain ways as part of their effort to fit in social convention. Better yet, to slightly stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, as technology provides us with unprecedented convenience to publish ourselves, we get to see those who dress to impress from all walks of life on all types of new media. They open up the possibilities of wearing clothes, refresh our eyes, and speak their unwillingness to ordinary simply by the way they look. Want to join the calibre? Here is a simple guide on how to become one.
1) Black and white
In Fashion 101, you gotta learn to work out a few all-black and all-white outfits. As a general rule, fashion is about simplicity and detail. Keep the color platte monochromatic and draw the attention to texture and detail. If that bores you at times, throw a bunch of gold or silver jewelry over it.
(Picture: Maggie Cheung)
2) Designer classics
Get yourself an expensive designer bag in its most classic and popular model. The one everyone says “timeless” and “never go wrong with”. A Chanel double flap or a Louis Vuitton Speedy would easily qualify you into the fashion league. It doesn’t matter if you find it beautiful or not. See it as a game of power. In order to climb up the ladder, you first show your respect for the big authority.
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3) The trendy
Even though you don’t go wrong with classics, they are far from getting you ahead of the crowd. Make sure you have at least one bag or shoe that’s in trend. In this way, they know you are paying attention to what’s going on. If you actually don’t watch runway shows, just google “it bag” and you should be okay.
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4) Cheap stuff
Two guys' conversation:
"What is more annoying than a two-story Forever 21?"
"A three-story Forever 21."
Having an entire wardrobe of Forever 21 makes you a penniless 17-year-old, but occasionally mixing some F21 with your million-dollar outfits makes you a shopper with a keen eye for goodies. Moreover, it sends out a strong message of your approachability. Your teenage followers love to see things on you that are affordable to them as well.
5) Vintage/Thrift
Fashionistas have a specialty in digging treasure out of trash. Find an old designer bag from the 80s, or a coat from your grandma’s closet. Show people you are not a brainless trend chaser, you care about history! But keep in mind – just like too much name brands makes you look like a bounder wrapped in labels, wearing vintage from head to toe makes you look like a weirdo mummy. Don’t go overboard.
6) Non-traditional shopping
Think outside the box. Try your luck in Men or Boys department for things like shirts and accessories. They work surprisingly well when you want to tone down your girly-ness.
(Picture: Fashion blogger Jean from in a boy blazer)
7) Hair
Lastly, find a signature hairstyle and stick to it. In fashion, you’ve gotta have your gimmick. Sometimes “pretty” is just not good enough. Quit your soft bangs and long waves. Try a sleek bob or a big head of curls. The right hairstyle will instantly add a big personality to any outfit you wear.
(Picture: Anna Wintour)
The "It bag" theory is so true. I own one Longchamp tote and it never seem to go out of trend.
I only have three forever21 items in my closet. I don't shop there too often because i can't stand the crowd!
I love this card! I do a lot of these things actually. Especially the monochromes and the bob. I need to try these other things out though for sure.