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Daily K-Pop Guess~
Who is it, guys? Leave your comment. I won't delete it. I'll post the picture without the bar later (: ~~~It's Choa! (:
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@jiggzy19 I think it's funny. I'm like "Oh damn, Jinhwan. Not even debuting yet and you're already all up on the girl groups."
@danidee hahaha yeah it is funny lol XD I wish iKon would hurry up and debut ! I feel like I have been waiting for ages! Lol. :D
@PassTheSuga @danidee @shashae5296 @jiggzy19 @danidee @MattK95 Yes....it's the chick from AOA. Lol Choa! Can you guys imagine the work it takes to be a blonde? Constantly touching up your roots? Props to her Lol <3 Uploaded sans bar