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A Seattle cyclist was on his way to work this morning when a driver 'helpfully' explained to him that it was his fault that she decided to park in the bike lane.
Ironically the driver had parked right next to a sign explaining how to park on the street. It clearly outlines that this is a bike lane.
According to this driver and a random passer-by, this cyclist is the sole reason why drivers hate cyclists.
I'm so dumbfounded that I really don't know how to respond.
@ronboii5 What are you talking about? @lilbluebirdz I don't like how either of them reacted, but jeez she should just admit her fault. It's not that hard to do, right?
Wait a second Ronboii5!! I am too a people! *lol*
Agree totally BikeSnob..... But I really don't like the generalization that woman are either bad cyclists or bad drivers. I do both and I am sooooooo careful around other cyclists.... Heck, I often SAG for our bike group to keep them safe and out of harms way. The number one problem in this film is simple enough to see, it's the thing she is carrying in her hand. Cell phones, in my opinion, are the scourge of the auto/bike/pedestrian safety. I would bet money that when she parked to "run right in there" (the bank) she was on her cell phone either talking or texting and didn't pay attention to any of the signs directing her how to appropriately park with the protected bike lane there. Until our municipalities start addressing this one issue and actively start ticketing people for distracted driving this kind of shit is just going to continue. Was the guy a dick? Hell yeah! But I don't know that I would even be so nice when someone says right out the gate "I don't give a fuck about anything you're saying right now"..... In the end.....she brought that shit storm on herself.
Women ,,,,,,, they are NOT like people!