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Can't believe I will actually get to see this movie in a theater. Is it December 7th yet?
If you're a big fan of Song Joonki or Park Boyoung, you must watch it.
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@mikyung0412 yes I am!!! I am very excited
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too bad ! its not in theater Australia!! im dying to see this couple!! T.T everyday i checked they update news! but o guess i have to wait till nxt yrs to get the dvd coming out!
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Is this movie also has its showing here in taiwan? Based on it's feedbacks I guess I should also watch this movie... Can you help me how?
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@Valentineclover its weird they would show it in North America but not Australia o.O they might still yet! don't lose hope! @yssah not sure about Taiwan since I don't speak Chinese and have no access to Chinese resources....I think some Chinese streaming sites might already have it but otherwise you will have to wait for the DVD to come out and then it will be more available online
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