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The Trud is a 35" double kick, that is 9" wide with a little bit of rocker to make it easy to wedge your feet into the deck for slides, and locate mild wheel flares. The Kicktails are intended to allow the board to be used in the 3rd dimension. Being able to perform blunt slides on this board is incredibly doable, but don't forget, the kick tail also allows the board to ollie as well!
Looks like it could compete with boards like the YoFace and the Kanthaka. @drlizardo
more of the overland instead of the kanthaka, when talking about the skinny ñ fatty versions of the trud, except for the mini trud. but the trud itself is a do it all deck, I have the fatty and I took it to a skate park and went 45 only changing the wheels. pros zero flex, accepts multiple types of stances and those flares ñ rockers keep you locked in only cons about this deck is weight, for durability, and wheel wells, I have run large wheels and different trucks and have ran into fitment issues
Yeah this was one of my options I like it! thanks man