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Review: Cadillac Sugar Mama's 81a
Got these wheels in the mail today, and put them on about 30 minutes into my 4 and a half hour session. These wheels are sick. As you can see in the pictures, they thane. A lot. I did standies most of the day, tried working on toeside standies for a little bit, but yeah. They're 65mm and 81a, not sure on the contact patch, probably around 40mm. They're made with Cadillacs THC urethane and wow. These wheels are the only wheels I've ridden that slide amazing right out of the package. They literally feel like sugar, and they're great. I might upload an edit of riding them today if I get it done, and you'll see how great they are. They wear a little weird, didn't really affect my riding though. These wheels are probably gonna be gone from a week of riding, which sucks, but hey I think its worth it. Get a set, they're like 40 bucks, they're awesome.
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