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Exactly how I feel right now.
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Christina Aguilera - Just a Fool ft. Blake Shelton: https://youtu.be/JHb_ps-JtaM I haven't been in a serious relationship in almost 10 years and I finally met someone I could honestly see myself with. I've been turning all these other guys down today because we were suppose to hangout but he totally flaked on me. And now I feel like a fool. I have no clue what I'm doing, dating is a pain Lol.
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Ugh. I just read your story. I HATE FLAKES. And it's so much worse when they're someone you really like. He better have a good excuse or else.
what upset me is that he wouldn't give a yes or no he just had me waiting on him and then at the end we don't hangout, he had errands to run for his friends wedding and I totally understand but tell me hey I don't think this gonna happen tonight not leaving waiting til it gets to late for me to make plans with anyone else it's just inconsiderate
that's why I feel like a fool I should've just had enough self worth to say no I'm not gonna waiting on you if you can't give me definitive answer
Dating is such a pain, but if it's a pain then I always take that to mean it isn't the right guy!!!!