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Pantheon Boards?
I came across these when I was searching for my new board online. I noticed the Harbinger deck and instantly fell in love, but Im curious if anyone has any reviews about them? I cant seem to find to many online. Im focused on the sliding and downhill aspects really, but anything is useful.
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I think @agek rides pantheons
3 years ago·Reply
Harbinger is my race board, you can slide her just fine. Concave is medium, feels amazing to ride
3 years ago·Reply
Im looking for a downhill board that I can bust out some dope slides on. I was told to pair it up with some 44° calibers, and I was debating what wheels. Possibly 70mm 82a blood oranges? I want a wheel that is less grippy than my 74mm 78a's race formulas, but can slide easier and further.
3 years ago·Reply
Meh race forms arent as grippy as blood oranges IMO, if you want a wheel that will slide further look for a more freeride orientated wheel so you can learn your slides
3 years ago·Reply
Which race forms square or round lipped
3 years ago·Reply