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>Youngul wakes up from his sleep, and runs to check Gayoung's side. She's not there. Aww..Puppy's sad face. She's actually staying with one of Youngul's assistant. At the Jaehyuk's compagny, the news gets to him that Gayoung is at her first day of work, Officially. With a huuuge smile on his face, he goes check her out himself at work! Without even saying a word to her, he smiles again while leaving. >Meanwhile, Youngul's little scam about the Big fake client from the States is BUSTED >< it's Jaehyuk' himself that sends his assistant to break the news to Miss Jo. Shocked, feeling betrayed, she's already signing up with Jaehyuk's compagny leaving Youngul. This latter reads about on the news..Next thing you know, Jaehyuk's calling him. >"BOSS?!" Gayoung crosses his path there. "Don't Ever call me so again" replies Youngul with the coldest tone ever >< >At night, Gayoung unable to sleep, goes to Youngul's Place!He's not there! Dang! After a while...HE COMES HOME!Arghh these two!! Now Youngul's hallucinations start! He sees EVERY-WHERE! Taking his permission to leave work, cleaning up around, sleeping on her little uncomfy bed...Wait! There..There..THERE SHE IS! But he's out again!! He just couldn't stand seeing her popping out like a ghost in his imagination, so now He missed her for real frustrating!! >Next day at work, A big meeting gathering everyone at Jaehyuk's compagny is being held: Miss Jo, Gayoung and even ANNA shows up. Both these 2 look at each other, Anna is in a Murder Mood LOL After the meeting, Gayoung tries to have a word with Jaehyuk, but he totally ditches her, then the rest of the staff just break away as she arrives at the office. Wow..They're bullying the Newbie. >Gayoung receives a call just in time! She's called out to Jaehyuk's..PRIVATE RESTING SPACE! He thinks it's all going to be about the two of them talking and all, but first thing she asks him is the reason why he took Youngul's client. She keeps backing him up until Jaehyun stops her, to shock with the news that it was never the case, and that Youngul's been playing dirty from the begining. >Youngul on his side, is giving away money to his sewers. i don't know how he managed to get the cash, poor guy..He even has Gayoung's part. Square and fair, he calls at night, asking her to meet him."Sure I ll Be right there" says Gayoung so excited! But then Jaehyuk's calls too for an important meeting, and she DARES TO CALL IT OFF >< Youngul is there, to see her smiling while getting in Jaehyuk's car. He can't believe his eyes. Jaehyuk notices him as well as Gayoung. How sweet is the taste of Victory, Jaehyuk? >Back to his little office, Youngul turns all of his pain into energy, and creates the most beautiful Red Dress. At the dinner meeting, Gayoung still thinks of Youngul:"Excuse me but i need to leave" she says to Jaehyuk. But guess who arrives first at Youngul's..ANNA! "Hey young lady!What brings you here?" he asks her looking pretty happy. "Oh, i like that dress, let me be your fitting Model for the night!" OMG what if Gayoung arrives >< ?? >As i feared, she arrives and hears the giggling of the two! As she did not even bother to open up the door, her imagination went a little too far! She runs back to her current place and cries a river. >Anna get called by Jaehyuk's mother:"How dare you call me your future mother in law when you re messing around?" screams at her while throwing photos of her from last night at Youngul's place! SHE HAS PPLE STALKING HER? Anna even gets a few slaps in the face! She keeps her cool. Anna explains how she did nothing wrong, on the contrary, she's the one being done wrong by Jaehyuk! Only to make everything worst, Jaehyuk's doesn't even take her side when she tell him what happened. "How about we get this done, once and for all, Anna." . >Youngul's back to work, with all of his sewers and new assistant. No scams this time. He seems even more strict towards all:"Why aren't you all cleaning up after the mess you do?" During little moments like these, Gayoung's thoughts comes to his mind. For Gayoung's side, she has to put up with Anna, who pretends to be getting calls from Youngul, and starts acting all cute and sounds intimate, just to make her jealous. How Childish LOL But, it is working. >Later that night, a big fashion show announcing the new line of Youngul. Everyone is invited including Jaehyuk & Gayoung. The collection is just breathtakingly Great! At the end, Young AND ANNA comes to greet the audience! Both Jaehyuk and Gayoung are shocked to see those two together. Well guess what Jaehyuk decides to do? He Holds Gayoung's Hand!! Pay Back Is Harsh! Now Youngul & Anna are the ones in Misbelief!! **************************************** END
now that i watch the eng sub i fully understand this ep13.....and all i can say is i admire jaehyuk for being supportive to gayoung even though he knows that gayoung doesnt like her...
This story has me on a topsy turvy we are 7 from the ending and this story has been one petty fight about money and ego with the added miscommunication to boot... I would appreciate a more cohesive story from the writers... Even though I am all over the place, I still like it with grievance its like the mole you hate to love lol
Hey Maha! I added more screencaps, related to som of the scenes you described from the Drama! Team work Rocks ^O-
it's added!! hehehe check it out!
i mean, i have to wait 2 more day so that i can watch it in my country
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