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Child Stars: Where Are They Now?
D'awwwwwww you can't look at that picture and not be in a better mood. So cute. Michelle and Teddy were just two of the adorable kid stars on TV while I was growing up. Being a child star can be tough (we've all seen what happened to Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes, etc.). It's a lot of pressure to grow up in the spotlight, and if all that money and fame goes to your head, well, it can make for some difficult adult years. Most of the child stars here turned out okay, making my preteen heart soooooo proud. Tahj Mowry The lesser known Mowry sibling (shout out to Tia and Tamera) is the epitome of that child star that everyone forgot about but is SUPER HOT now. Excuse me while I add like ten pics of him for everyone to enjoy. This child star who you might know as Michelle's best friend on Full House or the adorable know-it-all on Smart Guy is still acting! He's in ABC Family's newest dramedy, Baby Daddy. Frankie Muniz I know he's best known for Malcolm in the Middle, but to me, Frankie Muniz's best work will always be Big Fat Liar. Seriously, Amanda Bynes, Paul Giamatti, Donald Faison, what an all-star cast. Since then he's been up to a lot of things. Remember his weird and brief stint as a race car driver?!? Also he was in Sharknado 3, so who really knows what he's doing with his life.. Dakota Fanning After I saw Uptown Girls I totally wanted to be Dakota Fanning. She was sassy and strong, and she gave Brittany Murphy the middle finger which was totally taboo for kids my age so I thought she was such a badass. She has sort of fallen out of the spotlight recently. She's done a couple smaller films, but is mostly focusing on school. She currently attends NYU. Haley Joel Osment Wonder if he still sees dead people? He's one of several child stars who ran into a bit of trouble later in life. Osment went to rehab back in 2006, but has since turned his life around, graduating from NYU and taking on a couple comedy roles. If you're one of the very few people who saw the Entourage movie, you may remember seeing him. He's also done some work with IFC, a network that does a lot with comedy greats like Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen If you're a twenty-something girl you totally grew up knowing whether you were a Mary Kate or an Ashley. I was totally a Mary Kate. These ladies peaked at a young age starring in some movies that were hugely (and embarrassingly) influential for me. Holiday in the Sun, Passport to Paris, Billboard Dad...SO GREAT. They have since quit acting (breaking my preteen heart) and focused on fashion, launching a couple of their own fashion lines.
Beyonce's Luxurious Houses !!!
I want to stay at Beyonce's place...just for one day.. lol.. As two of the most influential artists of our time, Beyonce and Jay Z have amassed wealth unimaginable for most people. After renting homes around LA for years – they rented some incredible places! – they finally settled down with the purchase of a massive home in Bel Air, CA in August 2017, shortly after snagging an East Hamptons pad. Needless to say, Beyonce’s House is one for the record books! (1) Beyonce House in Bel Air, CA In July 2017, word got out that a power couple was interested in a brand new development in Bel Air. Media outlets began reporting that Beyoncé and Jay Z made an astronomical offer on the hillside mansion at the end of a secluded street in Bel Air. The Los Angeles Times Hot Property section confirmed this news on August 18th of 2017. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s $88 million offer was accepted and the purchase was official. (2) Beyonce House in East Hampton, NY Just one month after their massive $88 million purchase in Bel Air, Beyoncé and Jay Z have dropped another $25,925,000 on an East Hampton, waterfront home. Yes, you hear that correctly. $25.925 MILLION DOLLARS! (3) Beyonce House in New Orleans, LA This home carries a unique story. Constructed in 1925, this building was a church at that time. Later on, this Presbyterian Church was converted into a studio for ballet dance. Now a well-known structure, you will often hear it referred to as Garden District Palace. (4) Beyonce House in Malibu (Former Rental) After the birth of their twins in June 2017, Beyoncé and Jay Z rented this massive Malibu estate for a reported $400,000/month. HAHA.....$400,000 a month.. yeah.... haha..
¿Dakota Fanning pidió reunirse con G-Dragon?
Han habido rumores sobre Dakota Fanning que dicen que ha solicitado reunirse con G-Dragon de Big Bang. Unos portales coreanos de medios de comunicación informaron que la actriz de 18 años de edad, quien llegó a Corea el 5 de enero con su hermana Elle Fanning para un contrato de patrocinio con la marca de moda J.estina, expresaron que ella quería reunirse con G-Dragon en su visita a Corea. Se dijo que incluso ella hizo la llamada personalmente. YG Entertainment confirmó entonces las noticias sobre los planes que tienen para reunirse, pero reveló que Dakota no llamó. "Dakota Fanning dijo que ella siempre ha sido una fan de G-Dragon, y es verdad que ella nos contactó a través de una agencia coreana. Y como G-Dragon, también es fan de Dakota Fanning, trató de ajustar su agenda para reunirse con ella, al final, han decidido reunirse en un momento posterior debido a los horarios conflictivos. Los informes están haciendo parecer como si Dakota Fanning llamó a G-Dragon, pero no es así, en realidad la agencia llamó" Sin embargo, una declaración que contradice fue puesta en libertad por los representantes de Dakota, que afirmaron: "Dakota Fanning nunca llamó a G-Dragon, y ellos nunca prometieron reunirse en Corea. No hay nada de cierto en los rumores". Ademas: "No es cierto que estaban en contacto para reunirse ", haciendo hincapié en que los informes eran completamente falsas. Esto ha dejado a muchos en la confusión por las declaraciones de las dos partes que son totalmente diferentes. Fuente: AllKpop --------------------- ¿QUÉ LES PASA A TODAS LAS MINAS!? AHORA TODAS QUIEREN CON MI HERMOSO GD! >< YO QUIERO QUE D ESTÉ CON UNA LATINA O CON UNA ASIÁTICA! :@