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Gravity Miura from Phranklyn "Q" Quiros!

A few months back Frank posted on IG he was giving away his old boards to whoever could tell him a joke to make him laugh, and I won. So this morning I come home to find... 1. This huge box. 2. Packing foam. 3. Detailed packing foam. 4. Gravity Miura! 5. The goods! 6. Dead flowerz stickers. (created by Frank) 7. Original artwork. 8. Signed copy of Concrete Wave mag, Gravity ad with Frank riding the Miura that he sent. 9. Gravity vid with Frank on the Miura and Brad Edwards and Dsnakes. 10. Deadflowerz production video. Frank on the Miura. Hey Frank, thanks a ton, son! Oh yeah Q! Sorry man!
@drlizardo What was the joke?
Yeah I would be stoked too
he is such a good guy
haha there were several lol @mikerosa92 I'll have to get em... quotes from Steven Wright and some blonde jokes
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