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Which drama do you think was the best of the year? Which one did you like the most? I have to choose between Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Queen In-Huyn's Man. This is impossible! I think I might have to go with Queen In-Huyn's Man not because it is necessarily the best but because it is the most memorable one of the year so far and simply a personal favorite. If I had to choose based on quality alone, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Answer Me, 1997 or Nice Guy would all be serious contenders. Which one would you pick?
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Faith the best drama 2012
5 years ago·Reply
faith is the best
5 years ago·Reply
faith is the best.........
5 years ago·Reply
Faith was #1 in the preliminary round, but is trailing behind Rooftop Prince in the final round. Don't forget to vote! Every day!
5 years ago·Reply
yes i go for queen in hyun's man... i have not watch yet nice guy im afraid after doung so i'll change my mind. hahaha i hope not!
5 years ago·Reply