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I am a software developer and I have all kind of projects in my head. If you already know about me, then you must have heard about WebcamStudio, ScreenStudio and lately, A month ago, as of writing this post, I had the idea to start a new community where Youtubers could be visible, specially those starting their channels. I do have my own channel and realized that you are fighting against channels having millions of viewers. Crombz is dedicated has finding channels and Youtubers that have great content but remain unknown as they only have a few hundreds of fans. In the last month, I worked hard on the design and on the promotion of the website itself. Again, I am fighting against giants on the web. But I've learned quite a bit and I concentrated on the design and content first. I've paid a few advertisement with Google, Facebook and Stumble upon to gain some visibility and it's starting to payoff. I won't be rich but I do get more and more visitors and Youtubers each day. Fans can follow on Twitter and Facebook where videos are posted randomly all day long. Not too much but once in a while to get more visibility on the content submitted. Filters had to be set properly to avoid spamming and crappy videos. I think the current settings are good as Crombz do get more quality content than in the first weeks. Starting up a website is not just about code, html5 or CSS. It's more about getting your visitors engaged into your content and making the experience, a good one. I am quite happy about the result but more tweaks and features are needed. Nevertheless, this is another project that I like working on as I learn more and more each day.
@patrickballeux especially a bit of crazy dedication, I think haha.
I can honestly say I've given up half way through trying to create my own web page many times. Even working with some blogging or website creation platforms has led me to stop now and again.
It takes knowledge, dedication and a bit of craziness ;)