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Purdue University Longboarding Club Outlaw Garage Race

Today the Purdue Garage Race went down and it kicked ass! We skated the local hill afterwards and that was also pretty sweet. Can't wait till next year.
Yeah it was great! I was gonna go to the after party but my parents picked me up because they knew a party with college students was not going to end with us being sober.
Yup @mikerosa92 also the guy in the mid won a board stand and the guy on the right won purple caliber II's
I would love it if our city let us do something like this, but we just do it on our own for bragging rights. We usually start with our rear wheels on the black line so we don't get messed up trying to launch over that bump. Our garage has the same black bump. That's where we start and we are allowed to kick as many times until you get to the first transition, witch is usually about 4 good kicks.
@JustinSigo Did that guy win the sector 9 deck in pic 3? If so that's pretty awesome
Looks like y'all had a blast!
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