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Hello everyone!!! (^-^)/*
Sorry I'm a bit late.
Ok so this playlist was extremely fun to make I had a ton of songs to choose from!
@Ambie thanks for the playlist theme I really enjoyed making this!!! ^^
Here we go :D!!!!!
1. You're Pitiful - Fiestar
2. Your Temperature - Tritops
3. Day by Day - High4
4. Pain the Love of Heart - SPEED
5. Family Portrait - Kim Jinho
6. My Heart - Heyne
7. Are You Ready? - B.I.G (Boys In Groove)
8. Insane - Ajax
9. She Ain't Like That - M.Pire
10. Cha-Ga-Wa - F.Cuz
I personaly think all these artists could use a little more attention :D
I hope you liked my list!!!
All credit goes to the owners of these videos (I do not own these videos) !!! :)
I can honestly say I have not heard of one group on this Playlist, so thank you @jiggzy19 for exposing me to new artists ^.^
OMG @jiggzy19 I honestly think this list is awesome! daebak! I specifically know and love 3,5,&6 and Yes I think Kim jinho is underrated I don't understand y. heck! his voice gives me goose bombs /the chills.. you know what I mean
@Ambie im glad you liked it!
all of them haha@jiggzy19
I've never heard of Tritops and Kim Jinho thanks for sharing amazing list :-)
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