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Alrighty everyone we have come to the end of another playlist challenge and although we didn't have many entries we did have some great artists covered :)
I will be posting a new playlist challenge very soon^^
A very big thank you to @Ambie for this fantastic challenge idea :D
With that said let us begin...
1. Nee (From the Anime Hirro No Kakera) - Fujito Maiko
Fujita Maiko is one of my favourite artists I love her music so much, I find it so sad that she doesn't have more recognition as an artist :/
2. Oppa Why Did You Come to My Home? - MINX
This song is so fun and catchy and that high note near the end of the song is quite impressive. It is quite unfortunate that almost no one knew about this, these girls are too talented to just fade into obscurity... Or at least I think so :)
3. Oh Dance - Skarf
I feel like this could have been a Lovleyz song, I am, however, very glad it is by Skarf, I ony wish more people knew about it and them. I heard a rumor they had disbanded but I'm not sure if it's true, I really hope it isn't :/
4. Let Me Cry - MYNAME
I'm sure they are going to start getting a little more recognition after their latest comeback, but I still think their first mini abum was good enough to get them more acknowledgment than they got, I hope you enjoy :)
5. Don't Tease Me - SPEED
Ok so I am a huge SPEED fan (I'm talking about the group here people, not the drugs, calm down :P) Their music is so good, yet you almost never hear about them ;'(
7. Git It Girl - BLAST
I know next to nothing about this group, I only stumbled across them by accident but I'm so gad I did :)
8. Left Out - Legend
I now they are only a new group, but why is no one talking about them, at least not that I have seen, their music is so good!!!
9. Lie - T.O
Ok can someone please tell me who this is XD
I love this song but have never heard of this guy before :/
10. Burning - Phantom
Why are these guys not more popular? I mean seriously this is just as good if not better than some of the really popular groups out there! (Once again that is just my opinion ^^)
11. Wifey (Feat. MC Mong) - NS Yoonji
One of my favourite solo artists NS Yoonji was the second K-pop artist I ever saw, and yet she doesnt seem to get much recognition, which is sad :(
If you stuck through this list to the end then Thank You!!!!! You are totally awesome!!! ^^
I hope you enjoyed the songs I chose, and I hope I introduced you to at least a couple of new ones :)
Credit to the owners of these videos and songs (I am not the owner of these songs or videos) :D
@christy thanks , I'm glad you liked this list :D and yes I totally agree with you :)
awesome list I am always think how Korean fan choose groups. to make them famou. yo be honest some of them has no talented only handsome and good shape. but I found through this challenge alot of talented artists and groups need to be known
You know @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @sherrysahar @StephanieDuong @Ambie at the end of this underrated K-pop groups playlists I realized that there are Really a lot groups in K-pop, many fans don't even know exist, I always tell myself to cut down on my biases and fandoms (I have a lot) but now I feel like "what the....there's always room for more " I dunno if you guys get what I mean but keep the good work up and try as much as you can to expose K-pop fans to much more hidden talents in there. gasahamnida # K-pop is a one big happy Family and I'm glad I joined... #justice for the unnoticed # Fighting!
@MattK95 It's just going to be a close-up of my shirt sleeve.
@Uniangel18 You said everything that needs to be said #justice for the unnoticed# !
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