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I translated this from Chinese to English. Please don't use my translation without permission. Hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I do. Feel free to spread the link of this card around. Do not copy and paste this without giving link back. ------------------------------------------------------------------ P1 Text on blackboard: A class on remembering Narumi: As for today…. It’s the last day of class for Mikan I would like to express my appreciation for those who have shared a close relationship with her So…. P2 The days after I leave this school Attending school is not merely about going to classes Narumi: Let’s share freely on the days spent together with Mikan. Tomorrow I hope that everyone can spend a wonderful time together Natsume and Hotaru and still not back yet P3 Narumi: Let’s begin in order Mikan entered the school.. In Alice school in the beginning of Sept The weather is still hot The end of summer Mikan: For me, this is the last class…. P4 Narumi: Ah? I was intending to talk about how Mikan and I met Misaki: *sigh* Narumi! Why are you still behaving like this at this moment Narumi: I have no idea why the image of me holding the whip appeared..haha P5 Misaki: You have changed, Narumi. Ever since you met Mikan.. You have changed after meeting her mom. Those were the younger days P6 Misaki: You realized that after having “the invincible” Mikan, if you do not have any relationship with any one with Alice, it will be difficult. In order to get back together with Yuka. You irresponsibly took Mikan away from the love between her grandfather and Youka’s love and got her into the school. After getting to know Mikan..After your “heart” has been stolen by Yuka. You hated yourself for being an empty shell. You were a cold hearted and someone whom we all disliked P7 Misaki: I was very worried and unable to comprehend right from the start. In order to achieve your goal, you changed Mikan's life. Your way of doing, from the way I see…You burried a seed deeply and allowed the seed to grow and blossomed into a flower. Mikan’s hope is necessary to you. P8 Like this step by step In the sunlight Things began to change slowly Just like what Yukihara sensei said Yuka and the others... Narumi: By sequence for the results, class rep goes first. P9 *clap clap* The first rememrance speech Class rep: Mikan...Ever since coming to this school, I’m… very happy P10 Class rep: Every moment shared with Mikan is so memorable. Just picking one is too difficult. In those memories, if I have to choose one, whether it's painful or sad, unknowingly it has become happiness. So long as Mikan is by my side, I will be able to regain strength. P11 When I lost my Alice, what Mikan and other have done for me... Because of these experiences, losing Alice, what Mikan is experiencing now, the feeling of how much others wanted my the same as what I'm feeling now P12 I can never forget it. It is deeply engraved in my heart. I am who I am today is because of Mikan Mikan: Clas rep.... Narumi: Thank you. Although we are angry at those who did all these to establish human relationships. In the perspective of us teachers. At that time... P13 For the things which happened between these kids, It also worsened the relationship between the kids. No matter what happened, we can always learn something from these experiences Tsubasa: It seemed to be at that time. Everyone was chasing after Z who had left school. Setting up a tent in the forest. Then I know Natsume is suffering great injury. P14 Tsubasa: Natsume too, Mikan too Why did things turn out this way? I have always treated them as my own brothers and sisters And yet there is nothing I can do to help Natsume P15 Tsubasa: I...I can't protect them P16 Tonochi: You already did your best. As to what a student can do. Haven't you already protected them? No matter when, you're always on their side, without doubt. How important this is, I feel that it is enough to know the answer looking at their smiles. P17 Another girl: As for me, ever since Mikan came into our school and played dodgeball with us, it has left a deep impression in me. Before the game, class B was always separated. But after that game the class got closer. No one has the courage to change the atmosphere of the class. P18 It is Mikan’s energy and enthusiasm that dissolves the tension of the class. The first time I met Mikan, she is as bright and lively as the sun. I begin to have hopes and like you more.. This is my memory. Mikan: The advice that you have given me At that time I was still hesitating and troubled P19 Mikan: Let’s use “happiness” as a substitute for playing a trick. If everyone is by my side, I will be able to do more than what I can achieve alone. Tsubasa sepnai and everyone, thank you for your support. I will not be my cheerful self today without all of you . P20 All of my energy belongs to everyone Bubble: Mikan... I should be the one thanking everyone Narumi: Mikan, at the cultural event, you were crowned the first because of this feeling right? The power of RPG! Misaki: That must have been the reason to Mikan’s success. Before that the “Special Abilities” was still powerless in Alice’s school. You defeated everyone mercilessly and gained a huge success P21 We are able to attain these special awards because of these special people. This is the memory which we will never forget. Narumi: There are many others who regarded the cultural event as the most important event The twins: I remembered Mikan in her belly-showing costume Yes, and the musical kiss And the person who can’t speak well P22 Anna: I was also at the cultural event. At the cultural event, the cafe of my art section. When Mikan and Natsume visited the cafe. At that time... the only one who praised me for the pies I made was Mikan. I was really happy because of that. But.. P23 Something more memorable was... Natsume... I'm sorry It was about memories with Mikan Mikan: Anna, It's ok. Everyone is worried about Natsume. It's not entirely about Natsume P24 It's better to talk more about Natsume. If I have spoken about Natsume, everyone will be uneasy and start to get worried for Natsume I would also like Natsume to be part of us I would like to listen.. It is still better than avoiding the topic Anna: At that time, what Natsume did to my pies and spilt tea on the pie P25 Anna: Before that, I have always felt that he was scary. However at that time, and after the time I spent with Mikan... In order to not let Mikan said that In order to not let Mikan said that my pie was awful In order for her to not get a stomachache In order to not make me any sadder Thoughtful Natsume always knows what to do without other realizing it. If Mikan was not here, I would never have known and understand Nan’s actions and I would still be judging and misunderstand him P26 Anna: I think not looking at one’s appearance but to understand someone completely is good… Hope that I will have the courage to understand others in future Narumi: Thank you Anna The twin: Speaking of homemade After eating the….untasty valentine’s chocolates that Mika made Natsume got stomachache. Mikan: It can't be! P27 Natsume ate the chocolate that Mikan gave to Luka secretly because he didn't want Luka to taste the awful chocolate Mikan: No way! Others: How sweet of Natsume Luka's thoughts: When I'm no longer around in the future, please take care of Mikan for me. P28 Thought: Luka... Shiki: Speaking about it, Mikan indeed learnt her cooking skills from her mother. When I was living with Yuka, I did most of the household chores P 30 Shiki: Yuka’s culinary skill is really bad….. If Yukihara sensei is still alive.., he would be surrounded by Yuka and Mikan’s cooking Needless to say, it would have been hell Thinking about that scene…. Yuka did not really seem to leave any good genes for Mikan…she isn’t smart and can’t cook well… Background: Let’s talk about happier memories shall we?!! P 31 Tsubasa: Talking about valentine’s day, someone has got a pig nose on that day… Tonochi: Please tear and burn this photo!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Next chapter will be out on Dec 5th. Looking forward to it!!! Please don't use my translation without permission!! Ch 171 Raw Spoiler
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