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So the only slide that I know how to do rn is a coleman and I always just go until I stop because what I'm working on is getting the pendulum swing into it so that I can keep going(I can not ride switch for 5 feet even, another thing I'm working on). I can slide about 15 feet in this way. With that being said I had my switch ninja set up with one set of trucks mounted in the farthest mounting holes and the other trucks set in the closest holes in, so one end of my board had a kicktail. My front trucks were about a half turn more loose than the back trucks too. In the pictures I tried to show that the wheels on one side of my board are coned(the wheels that are heelside for the way I was riding it)((also I know somebody's gonna say "those things aren't even coned shut up and slide more" well in person you can tell that the wheels on each side of the board have worn differently and you can feel it whenever you ride my board)). What can I do for this? Well I'm not clueless so I extended both trucks to the farthest mounting holes and made them the same tightness to eliminate having a "front" end and make it symetrical. Now I'm going to alternate which end of the board goes first between each run, hopefully that'll even them out, and I'm hoping loosening the kingpin nut overall will allow my trucks to turn more so that I won't just be on my heelside wheels during a slide. I'm definitely open to any ideas you guys have on things to try to help!
Hmm alright. Well yeah just rotate them like Daniel said
Yeah can see the coning should definitely just rotate your wheels in an x pattern.
jk, are your wheels centerset? if they are, just flip them. rotate your wheels too
@steezster Idk if they're center set, perhaps they are. I tried removing the bearings and looking but the bearings are flush mounted on either side of each wheel( and a lil rusty tbh) and I could not remove them. The manufacturer doesn't have that detail on the website or wheel itself, but it was a $24.99 set of wheels. @Mannith That's pretty much what I'm doing. @DanielSpazJames thanks I'll try that
You should try different mount options til you find what you are looking for
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