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Babies born naturally may have higher IQs than those delivered by caesarean section. According to scientists, when women give birth naturally there are higher levels of a special protein in babies’ brains that helps boost intelligence levels as they develop. Scientists at Yale University in the US say the increased levels of the protein, called UCP2, in babies born naturally could help foster their short and long term memories – key components of the human IQ – as they grow up. The discovery was made after studying the hippocampal region in the brains of mice born naturally and by caesarean. Mice born by C-section were found to have lower levels of UCP2 and, as a result, suffered 'impaired adult behaviours'. UCP2 has already been credited with helping to improve the chances of newborns breastfeeding. The findings come at a time when a deal of controversy surrounds C-sections. Critics have said that C-sections can increase the risk of internal bleeding and can lead to problems to do with fertility in the future. Adapted from
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