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Week 14 Meal Plan
How was everyone's first week of Spring? Our eldest daughter caught a cold so we pretty much stayed home this weekend. Due to her cold (sore throat and runny nose) this week's meal plan will be on the healthier and lighter so she can recover soon. I hope everyone will have a safe and healthy week. Stay away from the spring flu!
Dinner: Corn Chowder
Breakfast: Fruit Parfait
Dinner: Ginger Chicken with Rice
Breakfast: Omelete with Sides of Potatoes
Lunch: Turkey Deli Sandwich
Dinner: Margherita Pasta
Lunch: Leftover Margherita Pasta
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Turkey Deli Sandwich
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I wish all my home cooked/prepared meals looked as amazing as the food you showed. Sorry to hear your eldest caught the flu. UGH! I rarely get the flu. However, I discovered that I have a cold sore. :( Been wearing acyclovir cream on my lips all weekend. Looks like toothpaste. :(
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What are the health benefits of Sriracha anyway? It makes me sweat! so spicy and hot! Good for the nasal passages, I suppose.
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Whoa, how did I even miss that sandwich recipe?
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i'm using your ginger chicken and rice menu tonight.
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