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Last Saturday my friend and I went to Olympic Park for Walk with the Stars event. It was rather chilly and quite windy that day. Kim Soo Hyun showed up in his leopard jacket. I wonder if he's blood type B lol. INFINITE was the first to perform followed by SISTAR. Surprisingly I actually heard all of their songs before. They are quite catchy. It must be tough to be in girls group since they all had to wear shorts in this freezing weather. I've never been to Olympic Park before but it's a really nice place. Being celebrity is not easy. I almost got trampled by the crowd. My friend and I tried to avoid the crowd by taking a shortcut then all of the sudden Kim Soo Hyun passed by us. It was unbelievable and he was so close like 2 steps away. Too bad he got into the car too quickly >__<. It was a great even despite the chilly weather.
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