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Take heart one directioners but kpop fans have already been there
Exo, Girls generation, super junior, ladies code,A pink name them....? #comment on K-pop bands that disbanded or lost a member
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@MattK95 Yes thank God we are doing Fine now The one directioners will do Fine too
2 years ago·Reply
100% love this post, we kpop fans definitely been thru a lot :(
2 years ago·Reply
@Ambie MRMR lost 3 members now! They had Hon and Jiwon both leave and now Ryu just left :(((( granted only one was an original member but ughhhh poor babies!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Exo, snsd, MBLAQ
2 years ago·Reply
thunder oppa galaxy oppa lulu oppa sigh... my heart can't take anymore! no one else is allowed to leave!!! T__T
2 years ago·Reply