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Call it Spring Fever. Call it Nostalgia. Call it brand affinity. Call it whatever but Chanel's 2009 Spring RTW Collection is leaving me GAGGING! Don't get caught up in the past or the intended use for these short textured pieces because these are totally, completely wedding-friendly and oh so bride-appropriate!
Long sleeved coat.
Short sleeved.
Coat and dress separates.
Coatdress with sleeves shorter than 3/4.
Two completely different silhouettes.
Layered textures.
I saved the BEST for last. It's rich in texture. Separates. Look at those sleeves!
Could you...would you wear Chanel pieces like this for your wedding? What about for the day after or lead up to the wedding? I am so curious to know what you think about this.
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I think so too @darcysdiary All of these are really smart
I think the same as you @marshalledger. Anyone can pull these of,f if you have the right personality and attitude, as the dress. I also think, Chanel hit the nail right on the head. With all designers wanting to elevate the traditional wedding dress, they did it best. I like how all of the pieces give and have a different theme, if that make sense. I'm so glad you posted this @marshalledger
No judgement, but I really prefer to see long wedding dresses. I feel like the short designs make it less formal and less serious. Less glamorous. I like some of these outfits on their own and not as a wedding gown. Just my opinion
note to self don't get married in chanel
@ShannaNadeau I'm curious. What about Chanel is a deal-breaker? Do you prefer another bridal designer? Let me know and I will be happy to write a card on it. :)