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DON'T spoil this show for me. I just marathon-watched the first four episodes and am not finished with this UH-MAY-ZING SHOW!
I kept seeing Bloodline advertised on Netflix and wondered what it was about or if it'd be any good, not really sure I'd ever actually watch it. Then I found myself in a predicament. I'd just finished House of Cards and quickly zapped through all three seasons of The Blechley Circle, which was a lot of fun to watch. The question was, now what do I watch?
That's when I went for it and turned on Bloodline. WTF?! This show is off the rails! It is good! I checked IMDB quick to discover that this show is also from the brilliant creators of Damages. Bloodline takes place in the Florida Keys where it's hot, sticky and sweaty. It's moody with a dream cast and superb writing. The story unravels forward and backward without being cliche or rummaging for drama that doesn't exist. There's a darkness and depth to the characters that feels natural without losing dimension. Oh, and this story is filled with so many tense moments. Every scene has this cadence that makes you squirm a bit.
If there are any other fans of this show, then please jump on board and comment your thoughts. BUT PLEASE - NO SPOILERS!!
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obsessed much? LOL @darcysdiary I haven't seen this show yet. My Netflix expired. I watched Damages and loved that show. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne were dynamite! So was Ted Danson. OITNB 3 is coming out soon too. Need to get Netflix