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Often times in life we have to let a few things go in order to start fresh. The truth is some things are not meant to last forever and the longer you keep the more harm it will bring you. This applies to your beloved makeup collection. As much as you want to extend the use of your favorite foundation and mascara you have to discard it at some point. I bet most of you are not aware of the expiration date on the package of your mascara due to the excitement of unwrapping the new beauty tool. If that sounds like you, the package is probably lost in the dumpster. So when does your makeup expire? Take a look at the guide below to see how long each product lasts.

Makeup Expiration Guide

As a general rule powdered makeup tend to have a longer shelf life than liquids. Always pay attention to color, consistency and smell of your products. The last thing you want is a pink eye and breakout forming because of bacteria.
When was the last time you toss out your makeup?
I'm totally cleaning up my makeup collection. I've had my foundation for more than a year. Yikes!
I'm always so sad when I see the shelf life of mascara. I need to go through my makeup and start tossing things now!
@mikayla No it's a long time coming! I'm totally a cosmetic hoarder hahaha.
I feel guilty for not reading the directions on the package. I get too excited to try on the actual product and forget about everything else.
You don't want to know how long I had my lip gloss. Time to get a new one (I've been meaning to anyways).
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