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While fall and winter is about bundling up, spring and summer is all about breaking free. This makes sense because with the high heat you don't want your undergarment to create discomfort throughout the day. With the trend of crop and maxi dress taking over the season what you wear underneath is important. Lastly, if you are attending festivals and concerts you want to be as comfortable as possible. With that said, here are four essential bra to get you through spring and summer.

The Strappy Back Bra

This is the type of bra you need if your spring tops are backless, strappy or drapey. it's a boho chic staple and it has the perfect festive look. Did I mention it's stylish and comfortable?
Photo via: Free People

The Plunge Bra

This bra is made for exactly what it sounds like- tops that plunge. Find one that has adjustable straps for custom convertible styling and you're set.
Photo via: Victoria's Secret

The Multi-Way Bra

It's the best investment for your closet. You can never go wrong with this bra. It can be worn with nearly every top you own - classic, crossback, halter, one-strap, strapless.
Photo via: Victoria's Secret

The Backless Bra

This one might be the funniest looking (and feeling) of all, but it's a popular choice for the heated weather. By far, it's one of most useful bra for strapless tops and tube dress. There are many styles to choose from silicone adhesive and u-plunge adhesive (as pictured).
Photo via: ASOS
Did I miss any must-have bra for the season? Which one is your Spring go-to?
Wow, that strappy back one is so stylish.
Lets all go to a mall together @beywatch and @NixonWoman to get that strappy back!
That strappy bra caught my eye!
I was never into the silicone adhesive bra. A big part of me have this fear of bra slip when wearing that. However, the backless design is not so bad. It looks like there is enough support.
These are great gift options for a bridal shower.
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