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I've been inactive save for some lurking here and there, but I'm back to ask for everyone's help for a fellow longboarder whom I know very well. His name is Josh Kleman, and he is a college student that I went to highschool with and was good friends with. He is also a gifted acrobat, and participates in theater; he's a talented kid. However, Josh has been hospitalized after a Longboarding accident, and is now receiving surgery to lessen pressure that his skull is applying on his brain. Unfortunately, Josh didn't have the greatest medical coverage (as I'm sure a good deal of us don't) and although the surgery may help, he may also be battling the costs of the operation for a long time. This could've been any of us, and it may yet. I don't know the specifics of the crash, but I know that when we hop up on those wood-guided wheels, we all put ourselves and our families into the same potential situation and risk. Prayers not just for him but also his family are appreciated, and donations are needed. If you have the means, please help him.
@EricDavis I bought the book. All the proceeds go to help pay his medical bills. Its a lesson to everybody on why you should wear a helmet. Josh didn't!!
Sorry to hear about this, and best of luck raising the money. This is a sobering reminder of how much something as simple as a helmet can save you.
I wish him the bests of luck man
@ApolloSkating no he wasn't but what's done is done. Buy the book dude
Thank you for everyone's support so far, his family appreciates it.
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