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dominican republics famous beaches

1.punta cana. 2,3. bayahibe 4,5. Puerto plata. 6. boca chica . these are DR'S famous beaches/resorts for people who plan on going on vacation to the Caribbean.
Theses are gorgeous! I really want to escape to these beaches ^_^
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How To Apply For Dominica Passport By Investment?
Investment option is another way that Dominica citizens can apply for their passports. There are two types of investment options that one can choose from when considering to apply for a Dominica passport, especially those with dual citizenship. The first investment option is the economic diversification fund. This is a special fund that has been established by the government with an aim of receiving financial contributions for funding social and economic projects in the country. The first rule for an individual to qualify to be a Dominica citizen is to make a non-refundable contribution to Economic Diversification Fund. The second investment option is the pre-approved real estate. This requires Dominican passport applicants to invest in pre-approved property with a minimum of $200,000. There are various steps that an individual can follow to get a Dominica passport by investment. The steps are as follows; Select an Authorized Agent Dealing with an agent that is authorized gives one the confidence that he will not use more money in getting things done the legit way. Submitting your confidential documents to an agent who is not authorized can result to fraudulent activities, in that he or she can use your documents for purposes other than that which was intended. To get a Dominica passport, an individual needs to conduct thorough research and determine that the agent they are dealing with is legit and has been authorized by the government to conduct that business. The agent has a duty of offering guidance to you and walking you through all the necessary steps that are you need to go through. In addition to that, all the paperwork that you are required to fill are available and with the help of the authorized agent, you will submit a successful application for citizenship. Ensure that you fill out and complete all the application forms The application forms require an applicant to be able to fill out personal information that are true and legal. This helps them reach out to you in case there are any problems that require your attention. Moreover, filling out all the application forms that you are required to complete makes your passport legal, and can be easily traced back to your country in case it gets lost. The application forms and documentation provided should be completed by the applicant, and the applicant should ensure that all the documents are legal according to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). Ensure that the CIU has conducted a Background Check Once you have submitted your application, the Citizenship by Investment Unit then conducts a background check on you before recommending you to the government and issuing your 多米尼克 护照. In this case, your full names, social security number and all the other relevant information are confirmed with the information that you have at hand, to see if they match. Financial records are also checked to determine whether or not you are financially independent. All the relevant information are checked to confirm that they match with the information you have. After the CIU is satisfied that you have passed the due diligence background check, you will then be recommended to the government. Confirm if the application has been approved Every application that an individual makes needs to be approved for the passport to be effective for use. A passport application that has not been approved is considered null and void and requires the applicant to make another application. A passport cannot be approved because of various reasons. For instance, the information that you have provided may be false, or there may be a pending issue that needs your involvement for the passport to be approved. Usually after applying for a Dominica passport by investment, it should take a duration of about 60-90 days for the application to be approved. The letter of approval is then sent to the authorized agent with further instructions on how you should make your investment. It is then the duty of the authorized agent to get in touch with you and advise you on the step to take further. Select the most preferred type of Investment After the passport application has been approved, and you have been advised by the agent on the available types of investment, it is now your duty to select the type of investment that you think will best work for you. After you have selected the most preferred type of investment, you can now make the investment. Then, you need to submit a proof of purchase of your qualifying investment, and the set government application fees. After submitting these documents, you are now one step closer to getting your citizenship because everything has been confirmed and you have submitted the correct information. Citizenship is offered After you have submitted all the required documents, and filled out all the application forms, an approval is given, authorizing you to now make the investment of your choice. Thereafter, a proof of payment is received and the certificate of registration is issued. As an applicant of the Dominican passport by investment, you must submit the passport application and its accompanying documents. After everything has been received, you are then granted Dominican passport. From here, you can now use your passport legally. In summary, applicants need to know that all the applications are handled by an authorized personnel. This is to ensure that no fraudulent activities occur in the process and no one is conned. For instance, an applicant is required to fill out all the application forms, confirming that all the information he has provided are true and legal, and can be used in his or her passport. Moreover, the CIU conducts a due diligence background check to ascertain that you are the person you say you are, which involves checking the applicant’s full name and social security number. Therefore, applying for a Dominica passport by investment involves the above steps, which are effective and legal, and ensures that an individual’s passport has been approved.
Benefits Of Having A Dual Citizenship
Dual citizenship is where an individual is a citizen of two different countries. There are various instances where dual citizenship occurs. For instance, a child born in the United States to parents who are foreigners automatically becomes a dual citizen. In addition to that, an individual can also become a dual citizen through marriage. There are various benefits of having dual citizenship. Some of the benefits include the following; Having two Passports As a citizen of two different countries, you are allowed to carry two passports, making it very easy for you to travel between those two countries. Unlike other people who may have difficulties travelling to other countries because they are not citizens, you will freely move in and out of any of the two countries. Assuming that you are a citizen of Dominica and United States, this means that you will have both a Dominica passport and a United States passport. In addition to that, having two passports eliminates the need to be asked the purpose of your visit in a foreign country. Benefits and Privileges A person with two citizenships has many privileges and benefits. For instance, when the government is offering its support to the community, the first people that are taken into consideration are usually the citizens. In addition to that, when it’s voting time, a dual citizen has the rights to vote in both countries without any restrictions. Freedom of Education and Work Individuals with dual citizenship have the freedom to study in either of the countries without any restrictions. There are no tight requirements that are needed for dual citizens when it comes to being admitted to schools in any of the countries. Moreover, since a person has dual citizenship, he or she can also work in any country without necessarily having to provide a work ticket or a visa. Ownership of Property Another benefit of having dual citizenship is that an individual has the right to own property in any of the two countries. For instance, a dual citizen of both the United States and Canada can buy land or property in either of the countries without any restrictions. This is also an opportunity and an economical way to be able to live in either of the countries that a person is most comfortable with. If one of the countries is expensive for him or her, he can always live in the other country that is much affordable and go back to the other country at anytime. In summary, a person with dual citizenship is very lucky in that he or she has various benefits and privileges that the other person with one citizenship does not. For instance, they can vote and study in any of the countries, and also work without necessarily needing a permit. Moreover, they can also own property in any of the two countries and choose to live where they feel most comfortable. Therefore, a dual citizen may encounter fewer problems in either country as compared to a normal citizen.