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Fifteen artists from around the world were asked to repurpose daily objects and show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. The project was created by Do the Green Thing and World Wildlife Fund-UK.
Artist Mac Premo was asked to contribute to the collection, and he partnered with a home longboard builder Sanford Shapes. Together they created skateboard and longboard decks out of material only found from a dumpster. What they decided on was plastic buckets, which are used and thrown away in large numbers after any type of construction job.
Seems like a great idea, probably not the best material to use for a stiff downhill board, but as a cruiser board it works pretty damn well!
I must say, the double kick board looks like it could be a lot of fun with the right kind of setup.
Cool concept
i think RVRAL does the whole recycle boards thing as well, they make boards and rings, i personally wanna get a recycled skateboard ring
@nsbdude Definitely a neat idea, I'd like to see if a bigger longboarding company use this type of thinking for their boards