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The organizers behind both Coachella and Lollapalooza have decided to ban selfie sticks from their music festival this summer. Selfie sticks have become an extremely popular item for people to bring along with them to many different events, but have come under fire for being both 'obnoxious' and potentially unsafe.
Coachella has even gone so far as creating their own word for them, labeling them in a category called "narsisstics" on a list of prohibited items.

What do you guys think? Do you think people should be able to bring their selfie sticks to such big events?

Yes they should be banned. For safety and for the experience everyone wnats to have. Even phones sticking up can be obnoxious.
I've seen the selfie stick in media, never in person. No one I know has one. I will never get one. I put it up there with the fanny pack. lol
lol 1st time seeing one in America was in las vegas on new years...I thought it was cool n want to try korea everyone has one lol cant go to any big event n not see a couple hundred of them...
I think it's novel and great for when you want to capture a moment. But on the whole, it's just ridiculous.
The selfie stick is pretty annoying I'm not going to lie.
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