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Kondo Machine is a company known for making specialized parts for high-end car makers such as Rolls-Royce. They have entered the world of road cycling with some of the most advanced bicycle wheels in the world. With a price tag of $7,900 they better be pretty damn advanced!
The Gokiso wheelset have very little friction, they can spin on a test rack for six minutes, compared to a minute and a half from other high-end race wheels. It took their engineers six months to perfect the carbon fiber and titanium wheelset. They tested the wheels at speeds of 186 mph, obviously faster than any human could actually pedal a bike.
If you are shocked at the price tag then you aren't alone. Kondo Machine has sold a whopping 30 sets, and most of those sold will probably never see the light of day.
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Who would actually buy these? I'd love to see a pro team on them, but I'd be afraid they would go broke!
I really love to know more about the technology behind these wheels. I understand that a company that usually makes high performance car components would be able to make bicycle components, but it still confuses me that they were able to do so much their first time around.
I want a set!! Those are sweet!!!!!!
You could buy a really really nice bike and a great set of wheels for the price of these. Worth it? I'm not so sure
I will never buy one but I so want a pair anyway. Insane the technology to reduce friction!