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Need a cute nail to wear this Sunday? Try this easter nail design by Sonalicious. The colors are vibrant and the nail art reminds me of egg decorating.


Four pastel nail polishes
Top coat


Paint your nails in different shades. Let it dry. Feel free to play with the pattern.
For zigzag: Use a toothpick to draw the zigzag patterns.
For flowers: Use a toothpick and make 5 dots (in one color) and center dot (in another color).
For polkadots: Use a a toothpick again to make multicoloured dots.
Finish with 2 layers of top coat!
How lovely! I really like the zigzag pattern.
3 years ago·Reply
Cute idea! On a side note, I have the same orly polish in pink. :)
3 years ago·Reply
@nannysally I also like that pattern. It reminds me of an easter egg.
3 years ago·Reply
My favorite pattern is the flower one!
3 years ago·Reply
Look at those colors! I love it when they are all in different colors and perfectly complement one another!
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